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New Horizon Advanced Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Our serum ingredients consist of natural peptides that safely and successfully plump your skin as well as decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Specifically, our product uses a multi-peptide compound which aids in the collagen production of your skin. These ingredients work to quickly reactivate your skin's natural plumping abilities and help rejuvenate older, dying skin cells.

Doctors and dermatologists recommend New Age Face Serum based on the serum's effective use of theses quality ingredients:

  • Chamomile Extract - Helps to reduce inflammation in skin
  • Edelweiss Extract - Acts to stimulate cell regeneration
  • Glycerin - Attracts moisture and fills in fine lines
  • Ceratonia Siliqua - Works to smooth out skin

Retains your skin's natural moisture as it works to smooth your skin by filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Daily use will prevent dry skin, itching, peeling and cracking, and help maintain skin suppleness and elasticity. This works as a overall skin rejuvenation system

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