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New Horizon Bamboo Scrub Polish

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Bamboo Polish was created a few years ago as a natural microdermabrasion cream alternative to the unnatural microdermabrasion creams on the market. The 'market' microdermabrasion creams use jagged shards as the physical exfoliant, rather than a natural, spherical exfoliants that protect the skin instead of harm it.

After much research, Bamboo Stem Powder was the best sloution! This natural scrub moves away pollutants ans leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It is also high in polyphenol phytochemicals, rich in flavonoids, and a purifying astringent with anti-inflammatory properties.

Bamboo Polish also contains Chiral L-lactic Acid... an AHA that hydrates and exfoliates while reducing wrinkles and pigmentation discolorations. The addition of L-lactic Acid, along with Bamboo Stem Powder, gives the Bamboo Polish the dual exfoliation from both physical and chemical ingredients... A lovely combo for younger looking skin!

Once the skin has been properly exfoliated and all pores are clear of debris and bacteria, Laurifolia Flower Extract, also known as Passionflower, comes into play as an antioxidant that moisturizes, promotes skin rejuvenation, and provides soothing anti-aging benefits.

Polish away the years and the wrinkles, while hydrating and purifying the skin, with the one and only 'at home' natural microdermabrasion cream... Bamboo Polish!

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